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Club Racing

Central Florida Region has one of the most active Club Racing programs in the country with a calendar that includes 11 events at roughly one month intervals at Sebring or Daytona.  Our events draw between 150 and 300 competitors which makes for some of the most exciting road racing available anywhere.

We have events that are part of the SCCA Summit Racing Equipment Road Racing series, the South Atlantic Road Racing Championship (SARRC), CFR Regional Championship, Tropical Endurance Series (TES) endurance championship, and Driver Schools.  In other words, we have something for everyone.

It takes between 75 and 125 workers to put on a typical amateur road racing event at a track like Sebring or Daytona – Flaggers (Corner Marshals), Scrutineers (Tech), Pit Marshals, Grid Marshals, Sound Control, Timing & Scoring, Registration, Stewards, Emergency Services, …

CFR is blessed with an outstanding group of volunteers that staff our events as well as providing skilled support staff for the major professional road racing events that take place in our area.  With the number and experience level of our staff, we offer an outstanding training opportunity for anyone who wishes to get involved.

Annual Events

Central Florida Region runs events year round at Sebring International Raceway and Daytona International Speedway.  Online registration and event details such as format, run groups, and supplemental regulations are normally available 4 to 6 weeks before the each event.

Below is a list of our annual club racing events with a brief description of each.  When an event opens for online registration, the title of the event will become a link to the “Next Event” page which will have links to online registration and supplemental regulations.

  1. Mid-January – Winter Vacation Hoosier SCCA Super Tour – Sebring International Raceway – 3.74 Mile Long Course, 12 Hour Pits & Paddock
  2. Early February – Cabin Fever Cure Regional – Sebring International Raceway – 3.74 Mile Long Course, 12 Hour Pits & Paddock
  3. Mid-April – Daytona Driver Classic Regional/Enduro/TE/Test Day  – Daytona International Speedway – 3.56 Mile Road Course
  4. Mid-May – Driver's School/TE/Enduro – Sebring International Raceway – 1.62 Mile Club Course - Green Park Pits & Paddock
  5. Early June – June Bug Dash Regional/TE – Sebring International Raceway – 1.62 Mile Club Course – Green Park Pits & Paddock
  6. Late July –Track Event– Sebring International Raceway – 1.62 Mile Club Course – Green Park Pits & Paddock
  7. Early August – Daytona Double SARRC – Daytona International Speedway – 3.56 Mile Road Course
  8. Labor Day Weekend – Members Memorial Regional/Enduro/TE – Sebring International Raceway – 12 Hour Pits & Paddock
  9. Late September – Sun Stroke Gran Prix Regional/Enduro – Daytona International Speedway – 3.56 Mile Road Course
  10. Late-October – CFR Championship Weekend Regional – Sebring International Raceway – 1.62 Mile Club Course – Green Park Pits & Paddock
  11. Thanksgiving Weekend – Turkey Trot Regional – Sebring International Raceway – 3.74 Mile Long Course – 12 Hour Pits & Paddock

Volunteering Specialties

CFR offers membership dues discounts (in the form of rebates) to it’s volunteer workers. For information on eligibility and blank form, click here. For additional info for any specialty, contact the specialty chief.


The first smiling faces that everyone sees when they arrive at the track are the Registrars. Registrars check SCCA membership cards and licenses, and then issue credentials so that participants and event workers can get into, and sometimes onto, the track.  Contact the Registrar for more information.


Technical inspectors, also called scrutineers, have two important jobs. First and foremost, they inspect each and every car to make sure it is safe. Second, the car must be “legal.” This means that it must comply with the rule book. Each class has a distinct set of rules governing engines, suspension and bodywork.  Contact the Tech Chief for more information.


Grid workers line up cars at the beginning of each session. They also check the driver’s safety gear, and make sure they have their belts fastened, their helmet and gloves on, and that they’re ready to go. Contact the Grid Chief for more information.


Pit Marshals direct traffic in and out of the pits during sessions. They also make sure pit rules are followed for safety and they control access to the track.  Contact the Pits Chief for more information.


Starters are the ones that wave the flags to signal the start and the end of the race. They also act as a regular flag station during the sessions.  Contact the Chief Starter for more information.


"We are the souls that time men’s tries." Timing and Scoring has a very important job at the track. They must “time” each car, and maintain a lap chart showing each car’s position in the race, and produce a list of finishing positions at the end of the race.  Contact the Timing & Scoring Chief for more information.


SCCA sound control is an effort at self policing in order to keep tracks open. By keeping our cars quiet, we will be nice to the neighbors of the race track, and hopefully won’t fall under the mandate of government or town control.  Contact the Sound Control Chief for more information.


Workers in F&C are the eyes, ears and hands of those in charge. They communicate vital information to the drivers via colored flags, and to the control tower and stewards via radio. They are the first ones to arrive at an incident and are happy to help the unfortunate driver get out of harm’s way. They also clean up the mess left behind.  Contact the Flagging & Communication/Equiment Chief for more information.


Emergency services make our events the safest places you can find. At a moment’s notice they can be on the scene of an incident anywhere at the track. They are responsible for picking up disabled vehicles during and after sessions. They also help clean up the mess an errant race car can make. Contact the Course Marshall for more information.


Stewards are the den mothers of our club. It is their responsibility to run the events, handle any difficulties that arise and generally keep things going smoothly. It’s a tough job and we’re glad they do it.  Contact the Stewards Rep for more information.

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