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First Time as a Corner Marshal?

Read this handy guide.

Flagging and Communications

The backbone of motorsports, We get the best seats in the house but it does come at a small price.

We are out in the elements in all weather types and must be prepared accordingly.

Sunscreen and lipbalm are a prerequisite as is waterproof clothing of some kind and ear protection as some of the racecars can be very loud, On the subject of clothing most workers wear white from top to toe, however, to start a white Tee shirt and jeans is just fine, closed toe shoes such as boots or sneakers are a must however.

Always have plenty of fluid as sometimes our beverage team may take a while to service your corner, snacks are also a good idea.

When on a corner please be sure to stow phones and cameras away as they are not permitted while on duty.

Your safety is your primary focus at all times, if someone asks you to do something you are not comfortable with you owe it to yourself to say so, your secondary focus is the safety of your fellow workers and so you must be aware at all times of your location in relation to the activities around you.

You will have fun out there and that is why we do it but this is not a spectator sport it is a participation sport.

Try to arrive at the track 10-15 minutes ahead of registration (usually around 7am) so you can get signed up and get to the flag meeting where you will be assigned a position.

If you are not sure where to go ask, most people at the track are able and willing to assist.

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