Now that I have had some time to recuperate from Workers School weekend, I want to thank everyone for a great weekend.
With 60 attendees, this was a great restart to an annual event. We had a nice representation from each of the SCCA groups. Thank you all for coming out and giving us another one of your weekends. Your participation during the class and all your questions made this an exciting event.
Thank you to Jim Hooker and Ron Offutt for sharing their knowledge and experience with new and existing corner workers. I hope the other specialties gained additional knowledge that they will be prepared to use during future events.
I want to thank our speakers, Sammi Ronshausen, Dave MacGregor, Darren Gunn, Michael McKee, and Dave Langston for their presentations. They were informative and a welcome break from having to listen to Jim Hooker talk for hours.

The Dawson’s and their group deserve a tremendous round of applause for keeping us all feed and watered throughout the entire weekend. As always, they did a fantastic job with their menu. And more importantly – ensured there was coffee first thing in the morning to help get us going. Thank you again.
I am sending a personal thank you to Bonnie McKee and Mary Ann Mullens for helping me at the last minute on Saturday morning putting together additional goodie bags.
Finally, a huge Thank You! to everyone who donated items for the giveaway bags that each attendee received.

  1. Scott Leitch of Exsys Tools, Inc. for donating USB car chargers. Be sure to check out their website
  2. Kevin & Melanie Crane of Osceola Print for donating koozies and notepads. Keep them in mind for all your printing and direct mailing needs.
  3. Sammi Marlis-Ronshausen and Bay Cities Bank for donating the ink pens.
  4. Darren Gunn of Excel Displays for donating the bumper stickers and the Flag Marshals of the World used as the special early registration award.
  5. Michael and Bonnie McKee for the stickers and other miscellaneous goodies to round out the bags.

If you missed this year’s school, do worry. You get another chance next year. Keep an eye on the calendar and your email inbox for notices.
See you next year!!

Hollye Laplante