Annual Awards

Each year, Central Florida Region recognizes members who have made exceptional contributions to the functioning of the region.  These awards fall into three broad categories:  Worker Of the Year, Distinquished Service Award, and election to the Region’s Hall of Fame.  Nominations for these awards can come from any member.



WHAT: Awarded at the Annual Meeting. One person may be selected from  each category of Administration, Club Racing and SOLO.

WHO: This person should be someone who has been especially effective in handling their individual responsibilities and supporting CFR during the year.


  • For Administration – Submit names to the Regional Executive or Chairman of the Board of Governors.
  • For Club Racing – Submit names to the Race Board Chairman
  • For SOLO – submit names to the SOLO Board Chairman.



WHAT: Awarded at the Annual Meeting. One person is selected.

WHO: This person should be someone who has gone over and above the usual activities to support our Region during the year. They may hold multiple positions or simply do their voluntary job with expertise, extra care and enthusiasm.

HOW: Submit your nominee’ name to a District Governor or Chairman of the Board of Governors.



WHAT: Awarded at the Annual Meeting. Up to 4 members may be selected each year.

WHO: Recognizes members who have provided dedicated service to Central Florida Region over an extended period of years.

HOW: Submit your nominee’s name and a short write-up of their CFR service to your Governor, Sammi Ronshausen, or the Chairman of the Board of Governors.  Selections are made by the Hall of Fame committee.

HOW TO:  Send in your candidates’ name(s) by email, phone or talk with your Chief or Governor.  Give a brief statement as to why you think your nominee deserves the award.  Include your name and member number and please – only one name per award category per member.


WHAT: Awarded at the Annual Meeting.  It will only be awarded when there is a suitable recipient.

WHO: The Lifetime Achievement Award was created in 2012 to honor those few members who are universally agreed to have made an unusually significant contribution to the club over the course of many years.

HOW:  Contact your District Governor with your suggestions.