From Hospitality Chair Pamella MacGregor

Hi everybody, it’s that time of the year again for our annual Turkey Trot Pot Luck Dinner.

Last year was fabulous so everybody is saying. So you will not want to miss this year on November 24th 2012. As you may remember this is when we honor Gail Kasson who was a longtime member and a friend to so many SCCA members also to step our social for the holidays.

This year we have a refrigerator at the club house donated by the MacGregor’s so we have a place to store food for those arriving on Friday night or Saturday. All you have to do is label it and place it on the shelf. We can take it from there. We will have the tent, tables and chairs and a grill this year instead of a smoker. But if someone would like to bring a smoker we could definitely use it.

I will prepare a turkey, gravy, Sausage dressing, Sweet Potatoes, Mac & Cheese and a dessert or 2 the rest is up to you!

We will need the following food items, appetizers, meats, salads, casseroles and desserts as your pot luck dish to share. The usual meats needed are Pork loin, racks of ribs, brats, hamburger patties, hotdogs and chicken breast.

Last year although they were all great, we had an over abundant amount of Jell-O salads and Jell-O desserts so please if you can change it up this year.

We will need volunteers to help cook on the grill, warm up dishes and set up tables and help on the serving line starting after lunch on Saturday. The more help we get the faster we can start serving. I know how much you hate to wait.

Oh you don’t cook well, we have just the thing, we need setup items; sturdy plates, spoons, knives, forks, napkins, 60lbs of charcoal,1 propane tank, 5lbs stick butter, total of 8 cans mixed of jelly & regular Cranberry sauce. We normally serve around 300-400 people at this event so, please let me know how much you plan to bring so I can make sure we have enough for everyone. We will also have a donation bucket if you just want to bring money to offset the cost.

Please contact me: email  or my cell # 813-765-3061

As a backup only! if you have trouble with my personal email address my office email is :

Thanks to everyone, I look forward to hearing form you.