There is a new for 2016 SEDiv class for 1.6L Miatas.  The first CFR event to include this class will be the Sebring Turkey Trot Double SARRC.  The class is defined in the SEDiv Regional Class Rules as follows:

Spec Miata Southeast (SMSE)
Class added October 9, 2016 for 2016 SEDiv Regional Races

SMSE class must comply with the current SCCA GCR and category Specification for all 1.6 cars listed for SM. The SMSE tire rule for all SEDiv series is the same tire as listed in the GCR for the Spec Miata Majors race class with any amendments in Fastrack.

The purpose of this class is to give the owners of the 1.6 Mazda Miata a low cost class in which to compete in SEDiv series such as SARRC, ECR & Time Trials.

The rules for this class will be reviewed at the February 13th, 2016 SEDiv annual meeting and may be modified as deemed necessary to meet the stated purpose of the class.”