FROM THE BOG CHAIR – Michael Wingo

The CFR’s Board Of Governors met on September 8, 2012 at the Hampton Inn in Lakeland, FL. All Governors were present except District 4 and District 5.

The ad hoc committee (chaired by BOG Vice-Chairman, Bob Sieck, RBC Robin Langlotz, RE Chuck Dawson, Asst. RE Lee Hill and District 7 Governor, Larry Morgan) are reviewing the CFR By Laws and will make a final recommendation to the Board on revisions at the December meeting.

Competition Coordinator Dennis Joyce reported he awaits the completion of the merger of Grand Am and ALMS.

RE Chuck Dawson The CFR schedule is on the CFR website. Chuck is taking measures to ensure any concerns or complaints are addressed and acted upon promptly. PDX has been a good program and requires a few tweaks. Joyce Hayward is stepping down as Membership Chair. The “mini pro events” at Daytona (PCA, HSR, Grand Am test and Audi Cars) have a workers’ reimbursement procedure that is administered by Dave MacGregor.

Robin Langlotz, Race Board Chairman stated Bob Shafer is negotiating with VCDA to come to a Sebring event.

Financial Adviser, Jim Magero reported positive growth for the year to date.

Area 3 Director, Robin Langlotz informed the BOG that SCCA National is starting a national racing program called “Majors” that will replace the National races run by the regions. Car counts are up in the Southeast Division. The National Run-offs will move in two years. Proposed sites are Circuit of Americas, VIR and Indianapolis Speedway.

Secretary, Robin Ragaglia reported there are currently 2113 members in CFR.

Checker Editor, Kevin Crane is receiving lots of photos. Kevin is requesting more written submissions from anyone. The article should be submitted by the fifteenth of the month.

Solo Chair, Chuck Lutz, submitted a report. Solo has held 3 events since June. Car counts are up and many novices have participated. Solo will conduct 3 events in September, 2 events in October and 1 event in November and December. Be sure to visit Solo’s website and Facebook page.

Jay Strole agreed to be the Membership Chair.

The winter meeting of the BOG will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting, hosted by District 7, at the El Caribe Resort in Daytona Beach. The Annual Meeting will be held on December 8 and the BOG meeting will be on December 9.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Joyce Hayward for her tireless effort and service to CFR as Membership Chair. Joyce is not quitting CFR or SCCA. She promises she will still come around, but she feels it is time to slow down a bit.

If you have items of business or issues you wish the BOG to consider at a meeting, contact your District Governor.

Thanks to all of you for your membership in CFR. I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting. District 7 Governor Larry Morgan promises a fun oceanside event at The El Caribe Resort.

  • Michael Wingo
  • Chairman, CFR BOG