Sebring  – June 8-10th, CFR Club Racing, Test Day & Track Event (Formerly PDX) Including Time Trial

Central Florida Region has changed the way it will process credit card payments for both race and test day events. Your card information will be captured at the point of completing online registration, however your card will not be charged until after the event has begun.

This won’t be your normal test day, but more of a test day on steroids. In addition to test sessions for our usual SCCA cars, this day will also include a Track Event (PDX) session with preference to novices, and a Club Racing Experience (CRE) group. To participate in the CRE you do not need to have an SCCA Competition license, but you must have a car that meets a level of preparation as described in the supplementary regulations.

Drivers of other sanctioning bodies are invited to come participate with the SCCA in this one day, testing event. Oh and don’t forget to note that this day will include an alternative drivers school for formula cars. Please read the supplementary regulations for details

When registering for one of the test day sessions above, please access the test day event from the June 8th calendar page on DLBracing. The entry fee is the same for each group, you will register as usual, selecting your class as one of the standard SCCA classes, as Track Event (for the TD/PDX), or as Club Racing Experience for the CRE. It’s important to note PDX guys, that you will register under the test day event, not under a separate PDX event.

The June 9-10, Regional event will also include an unrestricted time trial (TT) event for TE/PDX cars. If you are participating in the TT, you will register from the race event on the calendar page, selecting the entry fee option for the TT and your class as Time Trial.


  • Online Registration

    Opened:Mon, May 14 – 7:00 PM EST
    Closes: Mon, June 4th – 6:00 PM EST

For your convenience, the registration links below will take you directly to DLB and perform the function described.


Track Event (PDX) Club Racing Experience (CRE)  & Test day (Friday)


Club Racing & Time Trial (TT) event for TE/PDX (Saturday/Sunday)



If you are having problems getting registered through DLB Racing, please read through the information on these links before sending any e-mails or making phone calls.

If you still have a problem with online registration, please contact the event registrar or the CFR / DLB representative (