The Region has had some requests for a special endurance race to be held at Sebring.  Various formats have been suggested such as a 3 Hour Night Enduro (say from 6pm til 9pm) or a return of the old “Twin-Sixes” format where participants race for 6 hours on one afternoon, cars are parked in the pit lane overnight, and then the remaining 6 hours are run the next morning. 

Thinking is that the Labor Day weekend at Sebring is the most likely candidate for such an event – with 2012 being the earliest possible date.

We are trying to assess the degree of interest among possible participants, so we have put together this simple survey.  If you think you might want to enter a car in such an event, please take a moment and take this survey.  Please be sure to supply your name and email so that we can contact interested parties for additional information.

Take the survey.