This year’s 60th Annual Running of the 12 Hour is going to present some parking challenges. The one which will most directly impact our operations is the area immediately in front and the one slightly to the Southwest of our building and campground.

As we get into the Race weekend, we ask that, if you are not sleeping in your vehicle, do not park inside the Campground because we need bit of space for the tents, motorhomes, etc. That means that you have to park your car outside the area. In the past, that was a simple matter because of the large parking area immediately in front of the building. This year that has changed. S.I.R. anticipates record crowds for the Anniversary Event.

Here’s the deal — Please refer to the attached map for details. You will see our building noted in the lower left corner of the map. The area immediately in front is labeled “Gate 3 Car Parking”. There will be a charge of $25.00 for parking in this area. We will get some passes for this but we do not know how many and have been told they will be limited. The area to the South of the access road is labeled “Gate 3 RV Parking”. The charge for parking in this area will be  $50.00.

 There is a solution. Below the RV Parking area and across the roadway, is a “Free” Overflow Car & RV Parking area. This is accessed through Gate 4. S.I.R. will run Tram service from this lot into the Track. Hopefully, you can exit the Tram at Track Registration and it will be a short walk to our  activity center. Anyone who can car pool will reduce the scope of this problem.

As usual, CFR Shuttles will be available to take you On Station and meals will be provided. In the meantime, stay tuned for future developments as we continue to try and improve the situation. —bill