Governors, Officers, Race Board, Specialty Chiefs and other interested members: 

I preface this message with an expression of sincere thanks to Bill Martin, Dennis Joyce, Chuck Dawson, Lee Hill and Charlie Leonard for their tireless efforts and devotion to CFR in seeking a solution to the 12 Hrs. of Sebring parking/access issues. They have done yeoman work in trying to resolve the multiple issues presented here, and indeed, they continue to do so. 

Below is the updated message. Did we get everything we want? No. I believe Bill, Dennis, Chuck, Lee and Charlie did the best with the cards that were dealt us and achieved a better result than it appeared with the cards we had. The Skip Barber compound question will not be known until probably Wednesday of next week. That will be discussed, as well as any actions needed, at the BOG meeting in Sebring on March 10. 

We are CFR and we have endured far worse. Just ask any corner worker, grid person, pit marshall,driver or tech person if this is worse than January/February cold winds or July/August/September heat and thunderstorms. 

I am reminded of a statement a person made once at a worker school that I attended. The person was asked at the end of a day of speakers, ” Why do you do this?” The person responded, “Because it is my hobby. For two days I can forget about my problems and enjoy being with my friends.” I took that to heart and it remains the cornerstone of my participation in CFR. 

Like any hobby, we are going to endure some frustration at times. We do what we do for the love of motor sports and each other. CFR is family and we need to remember that and support each other. Like any family, we will endure and survive this or any other bump along the road that we are dealt. 

I ask the specialty chiefs to disseminate the message below to their members. 

Michael Wingo
Chm. BOG



We have secured a promise of at least some spaces near the compound – and we believe we will be allowed to rope off these spaces so that we can pack in as many cars as possible. Since the number of spaces may be limited, they will be allocated first to those that are working multiple days and are planning to camp in the compound or sleep in their vehicles. Others may need to park in the free lot at Gate 4. We plan to run shuttles to that lot on an as needed basis (much like we have done at Daytona for the last several years). 

Keep in mind that this is the 60th Anniversary of the 12 Hour, and the track is going all out to take advantage of that. They are expecting record crowds, and are tightly controlling all parking. We have been told that teams are allowed only a couple parking passes per team with the remainder of their drivers, crew, and staff having to park outside and be shuttled in – so this is not just about us. 

We are continuing to work with the track and are still trying to get additional space (such as at the Skip Barber building next door to the compound). At worst, you may have to park in the free lot and catch a tram in to get registered. Once registered, we will get you shuttled back to your vehicle so you can bring in your gear, or your vehicle if you have been allocated a parking spot in or near the compound.