Beginning with the 2016 season (which is already underway), the SARRC Championship will be changed as follows:

  1. There will be 2 “Area Championships” in addition to the Division Wide SARRC Championship. The “Areas” will correspond to the two SCCA Areas that make up the Southeast Division – Area 3 – nominally Florida except Jacksonville area, and Area 12 – Georgia, Carolinas, Alabama, Southern Virginia and Eastern Tennessee. Thus, drivers whose Region of record is in Area 3 will compile points in the “South” Area while all others will compile points in Area 12 or the “North” Area.
  2. Points in the South Area Championship will be awarded at Sebring, Daytona, PBIR, and Homestead SARRC events. Points in the North Area Championship will be awarded at Barber, Road Atlanta, Charlotte, Kershaw, and VIR SARRC events. Roebling Road SARRC events will count for either Area Championship. Roebling will be a North track. Region 34 (Buccaneer Region ) drivers must declare if he/she wants their points tallied as South (Declaration made to SARRC Administrator). Regardless of home Area, all Roebling Road races will be counted as a home Area race. Roebling Road is home Area track for all.
  3. Area Champions will be determined by the best 7 points finishes with ties broken per GCR including any finishes not included in the best 7.
  4. A maximum of 2 out-of-Area SARRC finishes may be counted among the best 7 – remember that Roebling Road will be counted as “In Area” for either the North or South Area Championship.
  5. To be eligible for an Area Championship, a driver must participate in at least 3 SARRC event weekends with “participate” being defined as “turns a wheel in an official session and not withdraw their entry”. A minimum of two in Area events are required. The top two or three Area Champions in each class (depending on class entries) will receive an awards banquet ticket and a plaque.
  6. The SIC will be a Runoffs, winner-take-all event open to all drivers that have participated in at least 3 SARRC event weekends, regardless of area. The class winners at the SIC will be the SEDiv SARRC Champions. SARRC points will not be considered in determining class champions – only finishing position in the SIC (exactly analogous to the SCCA National Championship Runoffs). The winner in each class will receive the SARRC Champions awards package (two banquet tickets, gear bag, jacket, shirts, patches, hats, decals.)

Points– will be assigned to finishes as per the GCR for Majors. In addition, a driver will receive one bonus point up to a maximum of 5 for each in class driver finished in front of.

Changing your home area– Any driver may request his home Area be changed. No request can be made after July 1st. Change requests must be emailed to the SARRC administrator.

Driver competing in both Areas– a driver may compete in both Area Championships in the same class but must declare so before July 1st. In that case, NO out of Area races will be considered. If running both, Roebling Road will be considered a North track.