Well coming off the first event we have jumped right into having 2 more events confirmed. April 14/15 will be the next event at European Rally School and Motorsports Park. They have installed a purpose made Rallycross course of limestone inside the road course. This will be a CFR Regional event as a tune up for the next event, the Dixie Divisional, May 26/27, that we are hosting also at ERS. This will be a event that will be similar to a Divisional Solo. We expect drivers from all over the SED to attend. So as you see we went from having our first event to being in the thick of Rallycross in our Division. To either of these events all are welcome to run or spectate!

I would like to thank Ken Hanson for helping at Event 1. He was a big addition to our staff.

The Program needs a couple things pretty badly. Loaner Helmets, if anyone has a older one we can get donated, and a small trailer for our cones so we can go these distances putting on events. Anyone having any ideas on this, please contact me. Thanks everyone for the support, and see ya at the dirt!!!

  • Doug McCabe, Rally Chair
  • big.wrench.1@gmail.com
  • 407 405 8438