As many of you may be aware, Federal Regulations require radios like those we use for our race control network to be reprogrammed for “Narrow Band” use as of January 1 2013.  We plan to make that change to club radios at the Sebring National next weekend.  Our Motorola Tech (Mike Armstrong) will be at the track on Thursday January 3 and Friday January 4 to do this work. 

We understand that many members have personal radios that they use on the club network.  If you only use your radio to monitor race control then there is no need for you to do anything.  However, if you plan to use your radio to transmit on our race control network, your radio(s) will need to be reprogrammed for narrow band.  If your radio is a Motorola device, please arrange to get it to Mike on Thursday or Friday and he will reprogram it for you at no cost.  If you have SpeedCom radios, please get them to George Ashburn at the SpeedCom trailer – he will be at the track from Wednesday through Sunday and will reprogram Speedcom radios at no charge. 

Note that some older radios may not be capable of narrow band reprogramming and will not be usable to transmit on the race control  network.