FROM THE BOG CHAIR – Michael Wingo

The CFR’s Board of Governors met for their Spring meeting on March 9, 2013 at Inn On The Lakes in Sebring, FL. BOG chair, Michael Wingo, was unable to attend. The meeting was chaired by Leland Miller – Vice Chairman. The notes for the minutes were taken by Fran Martin.

All Governors were present. They reported that they continue to hold regular monthly meetings in their Districts.

Co-Competition Coordinators – Dennis Joyce/Leland Miller informed the BOG on track activities. Dennis reported that we have been busy with staffing and planning for our pro events – Daytona 24 Hour, Sebring 12 Hour and St. Pete Grand Prix. At the Daytona 24 Hour – the staging area outside Turn 7 worked well. Upcoming “Mini” Pro events which we will staff are 1 Lap of America (Race Across America) in April and ChumpCars in May. The St. Pete Grand Prix will have the same setup and be in the same compound as last year. Communications will use radios with land lines as backup.

RE – Chuck Dawson- National (Topeka) is mandating the Majors series. San Francisco Region opted out of participation in the Majors. The Majors must be a good program for CFR in order for us to continue to participate. CFR provided input for the program but that information was not adopted. Primary issues are practice sessions and grouping of cars. Topeka’s schedule has no cushion to allow time for any cleanup, weather issues or for shorter daylight hours (January).

Treasurer, Walt Williams- CFR is in good financial shape, our investments have increased.

Financial Adviser, Jim Magero- The value of CFR’s portfolio showed an increase over last 12 months. Jim is “optimistic” for the long term.

Race Board Chairman, Robin Langlotz/Dana DeShong- Robin reported most programs will change in 2014. Many programs perceived as “Barrier to Entry” (i.e. medical forms, insurance) will be changed to make it easier to compete and put on events. 2014 will see class reductions; Formula, CSR, DSR, S2000 will be rolled into two race groups. In 2015, Spec Racers will have a new Ford motor (Gen 3 Spec Racer) which is now in development and being tested.

Dana advised the Board the CFR schedule remains status quo and we will know more by the SEDIV meeting in July. CFR is currently scheduled to hold the same number of SARRCs and Drivers’ Schools. Dana will be responsible for the July Drivers’ School in Sebring.

Area 3 Director, Robin Langlotz informed the BOG that Formula E cars are down almost 50% in participation because parts are no longer available. CFR will have the option of consolidating classes and racing differently in 2014. New programs (like Chin, PBOC, etc.) are being embraced by Topeka and CFR may be able to participate with the assistance of Solo personnel. Runoffs will change in location and format. The plan is for them to rotate every year with 4-6 partner tracks.

Solo Board Chair, Chuck Lutz- Solo has held 4 events so far in 2013 – 2 in January (Sebring & DeLand) and 2 in February (Geneva & Starke). The number of drivers participating was 89, 65, 67 and 101 respectively. On Saturday, March 9, the TRSSS was hosted at Geneva and Sunday March 10 was a solo event at Geneva. Upcoming events are on April 21 in DeLand and two in May, Sebring and Daytona. Dave Welsh is working with Chuck to get the West Coast program active again. Chuck and Dave will try Brooksville as a site and they continue to work to get access to McDill AFB.

Rally Board – Doug McCabe-The first event of the year was on February 2. Twenty-seven drivers provided a good competition. The next event is on April 13 at the St. Lucie Fairgrounds. East Bay Raceway is under evaluation in hopes of providing a second site. Doug plans on using St. Lucie four times a year (maximum number of times it can be used). Doug needs a couple more sites to round out the schedule. A proposed site needs to be 10 acres or more and relatively flat.

Membership – Jay Strole – Jay advised the Governors that CFR has 2054 active members. January saw an increase in membership. As of the first of the year, there were 258 new members nationally, 127 of whom were from CFR. Weekend memberships have increased.

The mid-year meeting of the BOG will be held on June 22 at DoubleTree by SeaWorld (site of the 2013 Annual Meeting) in Orlando.

If you have items of business or issues you wish the BOG to consider at a meeting, contact your District Governor. BOG meetings are open, so please attend if you can.

Thanks to Leland for chairing the meeting and Fran for taking notes (which you are reading here). Thanks to all of you for your membership in CFR. I look forward to seeing you at our one of our next events.

Michael Wingo

Chairman, CFR BOG