FROM THE BOG CHAIR – Michael Wingo

The CFR’s Board Of Governors met on June 23, 2012 at El Caribe Resort in Daytona Beach, FL. All Governors were present except District 2 Governor, Dana DeShong. District 2 Lieutenant Governor Jerry Hicks substituted for Dana.

The Board elected Chuck Dawson as CFR Regional Executive, Lee Hill as Assistant CFR Regional Executive, Robin Ragaglia as CFR Secretary, Walt Williams as CFR Treasurer and Debbie Cole as CFR Assistant Treasurer.

Bill Martin resigned his position as a Co-Competition Coordinator. Bill received a standing ovation by all assembled for his tireless efforts and years of service to CFR as Competition Coordinator.

The BOG adopted a “Policy on Public Statements by CFR Officials” to included in the CFR Policy Manual.

The ad hoc committee (chaired by BOG Vice-Chairman, Bob Sieck, RBC Robin Langlotz, RE Chuck Dawson, Asst. RE Lee Hill and District 7 Governor, Larry Morgan) are reviewing the CFR By Laws and will make a final recommendation to the Board on revisions at the September meeting.

Co- Competition Coordinators Bill Martin and Dennis Joyce reported the schedule has been finalized for 2013. Daytona International Speedway has not advised us of the PCA, Audi Cars or HSR dates. DIS has not confirmed if there will be an Italian Cars event this year. The ChumpCars event at DIS was successful. The contract between IndyCar and St Petersburg for the St Pete Gran Prix has been extended through 2017.

RE Chuck Dawson submitted the budget to the BOG for approval. SCCA continues the marketing campaign to increase membership. The schedule for the Southeast Division will be given next month.

Treasurer Robin Ragaglia, as her last official duty, reported CFR enjoyed a surplus in 2011-2012 due to having more events at DIS. All present gave her an ovation for her service to CFR and SCCA.

Robin Langlotz, Race Board Chairman stated car counts continue to be down. TES will be at the September event at DIS. ChumpCar would like to participate in SCCA as their own run group. Timing & Scoring will move into the 500 Club building at DIS and the start/finish line at the tri-oval will be used. SCCA National Office has asked Robin to critique other regions racing programs. CFR has set the standard and National is looking for operations assistance.

Financial Adviser, Jim Magero provided a portfolio review document showing positive growth for the year to date.

Area 3 Director, Robin Langlotz informed the BOG that National has appointed a committee and hired a consultant to examine issues pertaining to insurance. Spec Racers will change to Mazda engines in 2015.

Rallycross Chair, Doug McCabe, submitted a report advising the Board that Rallycross has conducted 4 events thus far with an average driver count of 20. The Southeast Division will hold its Divisional Rallycross at the Starke facility in September. Doug foresees an increase in entries and he would like to find additional sites of 10 to 15 acres.

The fall meeting of the BOG will be held at the Quality Inn at the intersection of Interstate 4 and Highway 27 on September 8, 2012.

I would like to take this opportunity, besides the ovation each received at the BOG meeting, to acknowledge and thank Bill Martin as Competition Coordinator, Robin Ragaglia as Treasurer and Richard Bittmann as Secretary for their service to CFR. They have done CFR proud, but they aren’t going anywhere. Bill will continue as District 3 Governor and you will see him in Tech. Robin will continue her service as CFR Secretary and Assistant RBC. Richard will continue in F&C as a Chief Communicator.

If you have items of business or issues you wish the BOG to consider at a meeting, contact your District Governor. BOG meetings are open, so please attend if you can.

Thanks to all of you for your membership in CFR. I look forward to seeing you at our one of our next events.

Michael Wingo

Chairman, CFR BOG