There are a number significant changes scheduled to occur that will affect 3 of our next 4 events:

  1. Daytona – September 26, 27, & 28 – our normal late September Daytona Regional/TES Enduro will be hosting the SARRC Invitational Challenge and ECR Finale this year only.  That means that you must have qualified for it by running at least 3 SARRC races during the 2014 competition year.  And – because it will not  be open to all CFR drivers, no CFR Regional Championship Points will be awarded.  Note that the Enduro does not have any pre-qualification requirements.  Also – the Wings & Things group will have 2 race groups but will be combined for qualifying sessions.
  2. Daytona – Camping in the Speedway will be allowed at the SARRC Invitational Challenge on September 26-28.  The Geico Shores RV area will  be open with RV hookups for $50 for the weekend.  There will also be an area available for tent camping.  Camping will not be allowed inside the garage area fencing as the garage area will be locked at night.
  3. October Sebring Short Course Event – October 18 & 19 – this event will not be a 2015 SARRC.  Instead, it will be the “CFR Championship Weekend”.  The event format will consist of a practice, qualifying, sprint race, and feature race with the sprint race counting as an additional qualifying session for the feature race.  The feature race will award double points towards the 2014 CFR Championship.  There will be victory laps and podium celebrations for the feature races.  Wings & Things will have 2 race groups that will be combined for practice and qualifying.
  4. The Turkey Trot will be our first 2015 SARRC.