Due to the small size of Test Group 4, the Test Day run groups have been modified as follows:

  1. Group 1: SM, SM5, SMSE, MXP, SRF, SRF3, ITB, ITC, HP, LEG, B-Spec, ISE30
  2. Group 2: FA, FB, FC, FE, FF, FC, FS, FST, FV, FM, F500, P1, P2
  3. Group 3: ITR, ITS, ITA, EP, FP, GTL, STL, STU, SPU, T4, IT7, IT7R, GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, ASR, T1, T2, T3, GTA, SPO, ITO
  4. Group 4: eliminated
  5. Group 5: PDX Solo – unchanged

This schedule consolidation allows all sessions to be lengthened from 19 minutes to 25 minutes.