Hello from the new Hospitality Chair.

How am I doing so far? Do you like the changes and variety of treats? I am open to any and all suggestions. Please email me at pmac06@verizon.net and let me hear from you.

We need volunteers to help distribute refreshments to workers during the racing day. When we’re at Sebring, we have region owned vehicles available but at Daytona we need volunteers with a suitable vehicle (pickup truck, van, or SUV).

Here’s a list of upcoming events so that you can see where we need help:

1) Sebring – September 3&4 – Richard Bittmann and Tim Nordstrom

2) Daytona – September 24&25 – Ricky Watts but he could sure use a helper.

3) Sebring – October 15&16 – need volunteers.

4) Sebring – November 26&27 – need volunteers.

Anyone interested in helping out, please email me ASAP (pmac06@verizon.net).

Now for the BIG event – at the Turkey Trot in November we have started planning for the 2nd Annual “Pot Luck” supper and it is going to be the best yet. This year the region will rent tables and chairs so everyone can enjoy each others company and eat sitting down. There will also be plenty of beverages of all types.

We already know we will have plenty of pork loin steaks, ribs and more for you to enjoy. I will prepare sausage stuffing and a few side dishes large enough for everyone to make sure we have enough food to go around. But we are counting on your favorite side dish or dessert to top off the meal so start looking up your best recipes to prepare. Last year we fed 300 at the social and then donated food to a Sebring Shelter that fed another 100. There is sure to be plenty to eat and drink for this event so don’t miss it.

Thanks for all the kind words I really Enjoy treating you all.

Pamella MacGregor Co-Chief of Pits and Hospitality Chair