Annual Meeting Notes from BOG CHAIR – Michael Wingo

The Annual General Membership Meeting was convened on December 8, 2012 at El Caribe Resort in Daytona Beach, FL. All Governors were present. All Districts continue to hold regular monthly meetings.

Regional Executive, Chuck Dawson, thanked Governors, drivers, workers, officers and all families for their participation and service in 2011. The Sebring January event will be the first SCCA Majors that replaces the SCCA National events. RBC Robin Langlotz negotiated a favorable agreement with SCCA National for this event.

Race Board Chairman Robin Langlotz reported SCCA National will send stewards for the January Majors event, but CFR Stewards of the Meet will have control over the event. National will invite the top 10 classes for the event, but 28 classes will run. There will be split starts in 5 races. CFR saw success in 2012 in the BFG Supertour, Camaro Cup and TES. PDX has expanded and VDCA has been invited to CFR events. Live timing is now available on “smart phones” with the appropriate “app.”

Treasurer Walter Williams gave the Governors his financial report. Walt is moving to an online system for deposits and expense payments.

Financial Advisor Jim Magero described the market as “solid.” CFR’s portfolio enjoyed a 10.7% return to date. The CFR portfolio is poised for a solid year in 2013.

Area 3 Director Robin Langlotz has two more years in this position. He invited anyone seeking a Division appointment to contact him.

Solo Board Chairman Chuck Lutz reported Solo had 6 events since the last BOG meeting in September and all were well attended. There will be 22 onsite events and 8 track events in 2013. Chuck is trying to schedule an event at Patrick AFB. The Solo Facebook page has 343 “likes.” Chuck would like to schedule a National Solo event in CFR if he can find an appropriate facility.

Tim Reardon, PDX Coordinator, stated all 4 PDX events were sold out in 2012. Tim is working on getting a separate PDX event at DIS. CFR PDX is now second only to Atlanta in the SE Division.

Kevin Crain, Editor of The Checker continues to seek written copy from any member. Ads will appear throughout the Checker in 2013.

The CFR website averages 60,000 views a month according to Lee Hill, Webmaster. There is now a Pro Worker application on the website for those wishing to work the Rolex 24, 12 Hours of Sebring and St Pete Gran Prix.

Fran Martin, Merchandise, will need new decals in January.

Club Secretary Robin Ragaglia is sending monthly membership reports to each Governor.