2016 Florida Cup Points as of September 1

The updated Florida Cup points have been posted.
The Florida cup rules state:
6. Minimum Participation: To be eligible for a year end award,
a driver must have participated in at least 3 of the 6 designated
Florida Cup events in the same class with at least one of the 3
being a Central Florida Region event and at least one of the 3
being a Florida Region event. Participation is defined as having
turned a wheel in an official session and entry not withdrawn
(i.e. driver may appear as DNS in race results).

Looking at the points, you will notice that many competitors have
participated in the Central Florida Region events but missed the May
event at P.B.I.R. Now is your chance to participate in the last two
events in Florida Region. The September race at Homestead is ready
for your entry on www.dlbracing.com. And the double points finale will
be held at P.B.I.R. on November 13.