Parking Guidelines for the Daytona SARRC Invitational Challenge and Test Day

September 26-28, 2014

1. Guidelines listed below may vary from times and locations listed in the Supplemental Regulations, due to last minute requirements of the Speedway.

2. Thursday and Friday evening: RV and competitor rig parking in the infield will end ½ hour before dark, and resume the next morning after registration opens. RV’s and Rigs may park overnight inside the entry gate 40, and outside of the tunnel entrance, near registration. Some electricity is available in that lot. Competitors may enter the Infield during the day on Friday between registration hours, by signing the Daytona Track Waiver at the gate. You must still register during the posted times. If you are already registered, you may leave and return – be prepared to show your credential to Daytona Security at Gate 40.

3. Geico Lake Lloyd RV Lot: First come, first served parking for RV’s only, no racecars allowed. Please park against the lake side fence only, and park next to the previous RV in the row. Water and electric, $50 for weekend – will be collected by the Paddock Marshall or his staff.

4. Garage parking is reserved for competitors that have reserved garages and those teams that have made previous arrangements with the Paddock Marshall. Parking is allowed for the team rig, and one support vehicle. Garages close at 7 PM, no overnighting inside the locked garage area. Please park other vehicles in the open lot near Turn 3 and the Race vendor area.

5. Paved Paddock: Teams without garages that need to paddock on pavement will be directed to the proper location by the Paddock Marshall, or his staff, at the Geico Shores reception checkpoint (labeled “Parking Check In” on the map – see below).

6. Grass Paddock: There are three areas designated for paddocking on grass. Competitors working on their cars in these areas need to be mindful of environmental regulations and place a tarp or plastic sheet under the car to prevent spilled fluids from soaking into the ground. Daytona has asked for work on vehicles in the grass paddock areas to cease at 7:00 PM when the garage areas are closed. And there is a quiet time with no race motors allowed to run between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

7. Tent Camping: Tent camping is allowed around the Restrooms and Showers near the road course Turn 4 Kink, behind the grandstands (we have been assured by the Speedway that showers will be open and operable).


Daytona International Speedway - Paddock Parking Map - Gray Scale Version - Sept 2014

Daytona International Speedway – Paddock Parking Map – Gray Scale Version – Sept 2014