On the weekend of April 16-17, CFR folks had their first encounter with the new world of Time Trials PDX. 58 entrants entered the DIS school course to run our PDX event which supplemented the more traditional Driver’s School held each April at the track.

 PDX events, which are Level 1 events for street driven vehicles in the SCCA Time Trials program, require driving instructors as do our race schools. And wouldn’t you know, CFR had these folks on hand for the race school and a schedule that allowed a few PDX groups to be worked into the mix. CFR has a superior group of such volunteers and they did double duty with the school and the PDX drivers being the recipients of their knowledge and experience.

 Originally, two groups of 20 were planned, one group running on Saturday and one group running on Sunday. But one week after DLB registration opened, the two sessions were filled to capacity and the waiting list started growing. With this unknown popularity facing the CFR Racing Board, another session was needed and through some fast planning changes, another Saturday session was put on the schedule.

 PDX personnel requirements are the same as for a GCR racing event and as a GCR governed event, CFR’s qualified and experienced stewards, flaggers, pit and grid marshals, tech inspectors all have to be present in order for a PDX event to be staged. Scheduling another event in CFR’s blossoming calendar was an issue, but with a little planning, it became easy to kill two birds with one stone and simply a no brainer to have these events piggyback on race schools or for that matter, race events, when everybody necessary is already present and time allows.

 When all was said and done at the end of the weekend on Sunday afternoon, everybody involved from the officials on down to the entrants couldn’t have been more pleased and positive about this event and all were clamoring for more. Piggybacking these events with CFR race events adds another venue to CFR’s repertoire and provides an additional revenue stream that was not available before and with little expense to the region. What’s not to like about that ? :–).

 Another PDX will be scheduled alongside the Sebring race school in July and there is even talk about a third PDX this year to piggyback a race in the Fall. Everyone had fun and, as a few of our race volunteers found out, they too can get out on the track with their street cars and have some fun instead of just officiating on the sidelines. Come join us in July!

 Art Trier