Central Florida Region Board of Governors – Covid-19 response


The Central Florida Region Board of Governors met by conference call on Saturday April 4th. Besides the normal procedural requirements, most of our time was dedicated to when and how we will resume competing in all our disciplines.

The first obvious answer is, we don’t know. While all our Chairpersons are prepared to put on events, we will not be able to do so until all pertinent governmental agencies give us the “all clear” to participate in groups greater than ten. We will also need to comply with all the personal protection guidelines offered by the SCCA national office, including PPE’s for registration, tech, and anyone else who will be in close contact with others. As these and hand sanitizers are extremely hard to come by, it may delay our ability to put on events. This will require us to think outside of our norms, and put new procedures in place for handling processes like registration and tech, interaction with stewards and race officials. We’ll also need to comply with any new track requirements that may be put in place because of the virus.

We all enjoy Motorsports, it’s the reason CFR and SCCA exists. But, as responsible leaders, we cannot put on any events until we can ensure that we will do all that is reasonably possible to protect the health and safety of all that participate.

We will eventually return to competition and that brings up the next complication. With all the economic chaos that the Florida stay at home order has created, questions will remain as to how many of us can compete or volunteer to staff an event. We may need to scale the first events with limited entry counts, when we do open registration, please register early. And as we’re sure you’re aware, Pro racing will want to return to the tracks as well. The region has supported Sebring and Daytona events for almost all of our existence. And by doing so, we receive considerable discounts on our track rental fees, which in turn, allows us to have some of the lowest entry fees in the country.

We will open registration for events in our various programs when we are reasonably certain that we will be able to conduct the event. There will be changes to how events are run from the moment on-line registration opens, following through to at track procedures. We encourage you to read official published event information, supplementary regulations, and informational emails sent from the program chairs. We also encourage you to contact the program chairs directly with your questions.

So, how can you help? Besides registering early and on-line, could you also consider volunteering at one of our events? Club racers, we’ll need help for your events. Can you possibly spare a crew person or family member for an event? Even a half day would be a great help, anything more can make the difference on whether we race or not. Would you like to work a pro event? The Sebring 12 hour has been rescheduled for November and rumor has the St Pete Grand Prix will occur in October. Volunteering for these events would be greatly appreciated as well as giving you the best seats in the house.

Yours for the Sport,

Leland Miller, Chairman of the CFR Board of Governors

Stephen Mullen, CFR Regional Executive

Robin Ragaglia, CFR Race Chair