Central Florida Region is looking for someone to take over editorial and production duties of the region’s signature magazine, “The Checker”.

Editorial responsibilities include assembling information of interest to the membership from its various sources, organizing materials into a coherent publication, and providing a pdf version of the finished magazine to the webmaster for posting on the club’s website. It also includes management of advertising and advertisers. 11 monthly issues are expected each year.

Production responsibilities include arranging for printing and distribution (primarily by mail) to the clubs approximately 2,000 members.

Samples of recent magazines may be found on the “Checker Issues Archive” page.

Please direct questions about proposal details to Lee Hill at cfrwebmaster@earthlink.net.

Proposals should be submitted to the Club Secretary, Fran Martin, by email at fgmartin@att.net by July 31, 2014.  Please provide estimated monthly editorial cost as well as costs for printing and mailing (assume a circulation of 2,000 plus or minus).