Update from the CFR-SCCA Points Keeper


There seems to have been a rash of Central Florida Region (83) Competitors who have been listed as Florida Region (11) on Race Results.  This results in no Central Florida Region points being awarded to these competitors.


Competitors are responsible for ensuring they are properly registered for each event.       When you register on DLB for a CFR event, be sure to double check the Region of Record on your registration and make sure you select CFR every time you register for a CFR event through DLB.  In addition to this, you can obtain the results at the event and double check that they are correct.  It is much easier to ‘fix’ errors in the results at the track, during the event, than after the fact.  Once the results are ‘Official’, they are much harder to revise.


And finally, as a reminder … CFR has a policy that allows competitors to dispute or question the points awarded for a given event.  Any dispute or question should be submitted to the CFR Points Keeper within three (3) weeks of the date the points are published on CFR’s website.

If you are not a CFR Member and want to receive points at our events then you should apply for dual membership ($25)