A very quick report from the CFR Board Meeting on Saturday June 25 in Punta Gorda:

1) Financial Condition – the fiscal year just closed struggled mightily in June thru December of 2010 but recovered solidly in January thru May of 2011.  The region still faces some challenges, but is in sound financial condition.

2) Kenilworth Party Cancellation – the party was cancelled due to a combination of misunderstandings and miscommunications.  All involved understand the magnitude of the error and steps are being taken to make sure goofs of this type don’t happen again.  Specifically, the region now has a Hospitality Chair who will be responsible for organizing event related social activities.  Pamella Macgregor has volunteered for this job (all will remember the outstanding job she did organizing the Thanksgiving Pot Luck supper last fall) – but she is going to need some assistance. Remember – her job is organizing socials.  This does not mean that she can possibly make this happen all by herself.  If you think you can help, even occasionally, please contact Pamella, Chuck Dawson, Lee Hill, or your Governor and we’ll be happy to find a way for you to help.

3) Worker Recognition/Awards – year end worker awards have been reinstated, and the new budget has money allocated for Worker Recognition.  David Macgregor has volunteered to organize and administer this program.  Once again, if you have ideas, or want to help – please contact Dave, Chuck, Lee, or your District Governor.

4) CFR Solo Program – Chuck Lutz, our relatively new Solo Board Chair, made an outstanding presentation on his plans to reinvigorate our solo program.  It’s obvious that solo is in enthusiastic and capable hands.

5) PDX Expansion – given the success of our PDX at the April Driver School, and the strong advance registrations for the PDX at the July Driver School, we plan to continue to experiment with PDX run groups at appropriate club racing events such as the June Sebring Short Course regional and the October Sebring Short Course SARRC.