For more event photos, check out Whitey’s Photos to look thru the pictures that Whitey McLeland has posted.  Mike Lilley has also recently begun shooting photos are our events – you can check his photos out here.  You can also check out the Videos page where there are links to videos that may be of interest.

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Pleischl goes for a spin 3.jpg
Pleischl goes for a spin 4.jpg
Pleischl goes for a spin.jpg
Robin Langlotz going into the west horsheshoe.jpg
Robin Langlotz leading from the east horseshoe.jpg
Turn 1 is a busy spot.jpg
2nd place battle in group 6 SRF.jpg
A new shortcut from the bus stop.jpg
A salute for Keith Field with the missing man formation.jpg
A visit to the starter stand.jpg
BeRossy loose in the bus stop 2.jpg
BeRossy loose in the bus stop 3.jpg