Driver Schools

So you want to be a race car driver…?

Registration for the exciting CFR Drivers Schools at Daytona International Speedway (April) and Sebring International Raceway (July) normally opens 4-5 weeks prior to the event (keep an eye on the “News” page – there will be an announcement there when Registration opens)!  Links to Online Registration and the Supplementary Regulations will be available on the CFR web site.


How much does a Driver School cost? We try to keep entry fees for all of our events as low as possible.  The entry fee for a particular School will be listed in the Supplementary Regulations for that school.

What will I need? Students will need: SCCA Membership, Novice Permit and Physical Exam. See item #3 above.  The “General Competition Rules” (more commonly known as the “GCR” are available online.  Contact our Novice Permit Administrator (see “Novice Permits” under Club Racing Board in the Contacts section).

Students must successfully complete two SCCA accredited schools. The CFR Drivers Schools each count as a single school.

School starts with a mandatory classroom session on Friday evening at 7:30. Saturday and Sunday will be on-track and with your instructor.

Car must meet the minimum safety requirements per the GCR. Contact the Chief of Tech (see “Tech Chief” under Club Racing Board in the Contacts section).

Rental race cars are available. See Trackside Service & Race Car Rentals section.

Current holders of SCCA Competition Licenses with previous racing experience must contact the Chief Instructor for details prior to the school (see “Chief Driver Instructor” under Club Racing Board in the Contacts section).

Students requesting a waiver of second school must notify their instructor at the time of the school.

For questions not covered here contact the Chief Driver Instructor (Club Racing Board Contacts).


Before you can register for an event you must have an account in the Online Registration System (

To create your account:

Go to the DLB Login Page.

In the SECOND section of the screen, under “Create Account”, fill in the requested information. Use a password you won’t easily forget.

Click the “Create Account” box at bottom of screen.

You may enter your car data by clicking on “Enter Garage” or use blue menu bar “Account Settings – Garage”.

You may enter further personal data via the blue menu bar “Account Settings – Personal Profile”.

When registering for an event, click on the Driver Register or Worker Register links on the calendar below. If you are not already logged into DLB, it will prompt you for your login information and then take you to the registration page.