How do I join CFR SCCA?

It’s simple. Go to the Membership section of this web site, download the membership form, and mail it in. It takes about 2 – 3 weeks to receive your membership card in the mail. Once you receive your card, you can go to any CFR amateur race for free.

Can I use my father's Oldsmobile to go racing?

We have a form of racing called Solo II that is just for the person who wants to have some fun. Of course you can take that program and make it serious by adding trick parts and prepping the car for tight corners. Solo II, also known as Autocross, is a race against time grouped with competitors of similar cars. These races are held on big lots or other large paved surface. See the CFR Solo II web site for more details.

I own a car that I want to race in Club Races. How do I find out more about prepping the car for racing?

Contact our Chief of Tech for more information (see Contacts for phone, email, and mail contact info). Also, you can contact your District Governor (see Districts to find your district) that can probably get you in touch with a driver or tech representative in your area.

I just joined and I don't know anyone. How do I get involved?

Your best bet is to contact the Governor of your district. See Districts to find your district. The Governor of each district holds a monthly membership meeting usually at the same place and time. At those meetings you can learn more about the club and meet other members in your area.

How long does it take to post results on the web site?

Most race results are posted within 1 to 2 weeks after a race weekend. You will see a notice on the “News” page of the this web site when the race results are posted.

How do I correct an error in the results or points?

Please contact the CFR points keeper or the Chief of Timing and Scoring for the event with any questions or problems in the results or points. No changes will be made to the online results or points, unless the Chief of Specialty or the Chief of the Event provide an update.

When are Entry Forms posted?

Entry forms can be found at .  They are usually available 4 to 6 weeks prior to an event. CFR now has a web-based entry to make your trip to the track easy!